Following fan criticism that the game was limiting how much they could play it each week, the newest expansion has reversed course – with more to do than ever before

With all the focus on the economics and communities of Destiny – and other all-consuming “hobby” games ranging from Fifa to Battlefield – it can be easy to overlook that they’re supposed to be fun. But based on a day sitting down with a near-final version of the game in Bungie’s studios just outside Seattle, Washington, it’s clearly been as much on the minds of the team as any of the financial and fan pressure facing the developer.

When it was released last autumn, Destiny 2 dialled back on the original’s endless grind, for better and cooler weapons. It won praise from fans and critics for ditching the randomly awarded loot of the first game, in favour of a more predictable system that guaranteed players powerful items for hitting weekly milestones. But the reaction to the changes wasn’t what Bungie expected. Rather than feeling like they were freed from a pointless chore, a vocal part of Destiny’s player base felt like the game was artificially limiting how much they could play it each week.

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