The corporation is no good at innovation, says Derek Wyatt; while Stan Labovitch argues that the licence fee gives people a sense of ownership

The BBC receives over £3bn in licence fees. It is supposed to be one of the great creative centres of talent in the world. Could Jeremy Corbyn (Report, 23 August) explain why it has not been one of the most creative in the world in creating different platforms? It turned down a chance to be part of BSB satellite company in the 1990s and missed the digital revolution as a result. It created an equivalent of a Facebook internally but its board turned it down. It allowed us to watch programmes online without a licence fee for a decade.

Viewers and listeners, especially the millennials, have already moved across to the Netflix-Amazon axis. We do not need to find an excuse to throw taxes at the BBC from the software industry when infrastructure, health, housing and education needs it more.
Derek Wyatt

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