iPhone, PC, Mac, PS4; Ben Esposito/Annapurna Interactive
With an odd cast and strange situations, this puzzle game allows you to victimise the users of a donut delivery app by gradually swallowing up all of their possessions

Donut County revolves around two very satisfying activities: making a mess, and clearing it up. This surreal puzzle game casts you as an underhanded raccoon, victimising the unwitting users of a donut delivery app. Instead of a tasty treat, what arrives is a black hole that gradually swallows up all of their possessions and, eventually, their house.

As the animal residents of Donut County huddle around a subterranean campfire trying to figure out what the hell happened, you’re presented with pleasant diorama-like scenes to ruin. While a bespectacled crocodile snoozes quietly on a sun lounger, you begin by swallowing rocks and weeds into a golf-ball-sized hole, then books, a coffee cup, crates, garden ornaments, furniture and trees, eventually dropping the whole house and its owner into a gaping chasm.

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