John Keane is appalled by the death toll related to Mexico’s drug trade, and says western consumers of drugs must take their share of the blame; Catriona Rainsford says Mexico’s use of armed forces to tackle criminal violence has seen attacks against human rights activists increaseThe criminal death toll in Mexico is truly staggering (Blood on the streets: After the deadliest year in modern times, few see elections as the answer, 26 June). Presumably the vast majority of these are drug-trade related, but there would be no trade if suppliers were not meeting a demand. I continue to be dismayed that there is no continuing awareness campaign aimed at recreational drug users in this country to highlight the trail of death and degradation necessary to supply their habit.

I remember the anti-fur campaigns of the 1980s playing a considerable part in shaming wearers of animal fur, and something along those lines might be considered in relation to drug use today, regardless of the legalisation/decriminalisation debate. It cannot be stressed enough that users should accept responsibility for the misery and death they cause through drug trafficking, and unless they can be certain the product they are inhaling or shoving up their nose is ethically sourced (and organically grown?), they should be forced to recognise this.
John Keane

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