Senator will describe filibuster as ‘a tool to block progress on racial justice’ as change would allow bills to pass with simple majority

Donald Trump is already making plans for a tell-all memoir after he leaves office, the Daily Beast reports.

He’s been talking about it since mid-2017 and thinks it will be a bestseller.


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The White House has withdrawn the nomination of a longtime border official to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Associated Press reports:

The paperwork on Ron Vitiello was sent to members of Congress Thursday, the people said, and the decision was unexpected and met with confusion. Vitiello had been scheduled to travel with President Donald Trump to the border on Friday, but was no longer going, one official said. He will still remain acting director, they said.

One Homeland Security official insisted it was nothing but a paperwork error that had later been corrected. But other, higher-level officials said the move did not appear to be a mistake, even though they were not informed ahead of time.

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