Israeli ambassador Mark Regev, Sebastian Monblat, Hilary and Steven Rose, Naomi Wayne, Karl Sabbagh and Laurel Farrington respond to a Guardian editorial and an article by Simon Baron-Cohen

The certainty with which your editorial (If one can kill with impunity then can one lie without consequence?, 23 January) labels the Gaza border violence “protests” is alarming, considering that they are orchestrated by a terror regime with the openly stated goal to “take down the border” with Israel and “tear out their [the Israelis] hearts”. This, while the same radical Islamist regime violently suppresses genuine protest against itself.

In expressing concern for Gaza’s youth, you say nothing of the systematic brainwashing of young people to hate and murder, the proactive bussing of them to the border, and the financial incentives for them to storm the fence, though the regime knows full well that Israel must protect its frontier. Given the Guardian’s robust condemnation of terrorists and regimes using children “as combatants and in other roles” (Editorial, 16 January 2017), this omission is striking.

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