• Debate occurred in wake of James Comey’s firing as FBI director
  • Officials wondered whether Trump was ‘executing their will’

Donald Trump is explicitly denying he ever worked for Russia.

“I never worked for Russia,” he told reporters outside the White House, per AP.

Trump to reporters on White House South Lawn: “I never worked for Russia”


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Here’s some new advice from Donald Trump to members of the press: Take a nice long vacation. “Chill!” he added in a tweet that also repeated his attacks on “Fake News” and claimed journalists have “gone MAD!”

The Fake News gets crazier and more dishonest every single day. Amazing to watch as certain people covering me, and the tremendous success of this administration, have truly gone MAD! Their Fake reporting creates anger and disunity. Take two weeks off and come back rested. Chill!

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