Labor is maintaining the pressure on Barnaby Joyce over water buybacks as donations by a Liberal party treasurer during a tender process are revealed. Follow it live …

While I normally try to avoid polls like the plague, I do lift that ban in an election campaign for obvious reasons. I offer all the appropriate warnings about single-seat polls but you probably need to know about these Newspoll marginals, which finds knife-edge results in four key electorates. One of those is Herbert, where our very own Amy+Bowers are trawling the streets.

#BREAKING: #Newspoll finds four marginal seats — Herbert in north Queensland, Lindsay in western Sydney, ­Deakin in outer Melbourne and Pearce on Perth’s outskirts — rest on a knife edge #auspol #ausvotes

The troubling news for the major parties in Herbert, which takes in Townsville, is both have suffered a primary vote fall since the 2016 election, with the LNP dropping 3.5 points to 31 per cent and Labor falling 1.5 points to 29 per cent putting the result deadlocked at 50/50 on a two-party-preferred basis. A strong break of preferences from UAP in a seat where voters are disillusioned with the big parties could see the seat go back to the LNP. In other Queensland seats, the LNP could be threatened if UAP takes preferences from Katter and One Nation, and delivers back a lower preference flow to the LNP than the conservative minor parties.


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It’s all about governance today. How our governments govern, their processes and transparency or lack thereof. This is the thread that links most of the running controversies today, whether it’s the process for water buybacks or the opaque donations laws that lag behind real time. Voters are losing confidence in the capacity of governments to govern for the national interest.

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A private company co-owned by the Liberal Party’s federal treasurer donated $200,000 two weeks into a government tender process for an accommodation contract worth nearly $1 billion that another of his companies ultimately won.

Donations experts said the 2016 gift from Helloworld Travel chief executive Andrew Burnes created a perceived conflict of interest that raised serious concerns about oversight of political fundraising.

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