Martin Parkinson says the public service has not costed Labor’s policy, as pressure grows for water buybacks royal commission and Morrison and Shorten campaign in Victoria and Queensland, respectively. Follow it live …

Scott Morrison was in Victoria this morning, participating in a Buddhist ceremony, and he has also committed that the Coalition would invest $15m to “back multicultural communities to start new businesses and support elderly migrants access aged care services and choose the best options for their retirement”.

He spoke about the attacks in Sri Lanka overnight.

Our hearts go out to the brothers and sisters there in Sri Lanka, who on the most holiest days of Christians to be attacked in their place of worship, to be targeted in that way. It is unthinkable at any other time, but these days, too often it is occurring. So, I want to thank you all very much for the ability to come here today and celebrate the positivity and the optimism and the hope that we all share. Faith, belief, culture, all of this is at the heart of community which we see on display, which I find quite overwhelming here this morning.


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Ok, Bill Shorten and Penny Wong are standing up separately during the morning.

Shorten is in Queensland while Wong is in Adelaide and she will be talking about the attack in Sri Lanka.

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