Josh Frydenberg condemns Jeremy Hearn’s ‘appalling’ comments, saying ‘there is no place in the party for people with these views’. All the day’s events, live

Richard Di Natale is giving his press club address today. He’s expected to repeat what he told Katharine Murphy on 18 April, saying the Greens could vote down Labor’s climate policy, if it wins the election, if it believes it not to be ambitious enough.

As Murph reported at the time:

In the event it’s not a minority government scenario, if Labor wins outright and the Greens are in balance of power in the Senate, Di Natale also wants it known that his party is prepared to vote against a climate policy it regards as insufficiently ambitious, as the Greens did once before, controversially, in 2009.

Ahead of the election, the shadow climate change minister, Mark Butler, warned the Greens against a repeat of 2009. Butler told Guardian Australia the Greens voting with Tony Abbott against Labor’s first climate policy mechanism during the last period in government was one of the factors in shattering the political consensus at the federal level, which has prevented policy action for the best part of a decade.

Richard would say that wouldn’t he? So, who cares? Richard is looking for relevance at the moment,” Shorten said. “I don’t blame him for doing that, it’s legitimate, but I’m going to lead a Labor government”.

Asked what he would do if the Greens made a joint policy process the price of supporting a Labor government in the next parliament, Shorten said: “Well [Di Natale] has to face progressive voters.


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Alan Tudge says he has been in contact with Andrew Hastie who told him he “categorically” did not meet with far-right activist leader and convicted criminal Neil Erikson.

This is despite Ian Goodenough telling Sarah Martin they both met with him at a rally for white South African famers and had a brief conversation, although nothing was agreed to.

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