A year on from the mosque attack that left Shariff Xamza seriously injured, he is still struggling

Twelve months ago Shariff Xamza was celebrating at a Ramadan dinner for a long-lost friend visiting from the US. They hadn’t seen each other since the early 90s when civil war broke out in Somalia, and spent the balmy June evening catching up in a restaurant in Finsbury Park in north London. “It was a good time, we broke our fast together, chat chat chat, with lots of us coming to see him,” Xamza remembers.

The group wanted to go on to a nearby Ethiopian coffee house but there was work the next day so Xamza (pronounced “hum-za”) left before midnight and headed down the road to his parked car. In the next few moments, outside Finsbury Park’s Muslim Welfare Centre, a white van ploughed into the pavement. The perpetrator shouted that he wanted to “kill all Muslims”. Xamza was hit and lost consciousness, bleeding heavily.

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