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The government has vowed to maintain high environmental standards after the UK leaves the EU, upholding international agreements it has already signed up to.

One document reiterates the commitment to Michael Gove’s so-called “green Brexit” with a pledge to become the “first generation to leave the natural world in a better state than we inherited it”.


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British drivers may have to obtain one of two different types of International Driving Permit, depending on the destination country, in order to drive in the EU on business or on holiday if there is no Brexit deal, one of the papers says. They will cost £5.50 and they will become available from Post Offices from February 1 if no proper exit deal is struck.

However, drivers holding EU driving licences will be able to drive in the UK without requiring any extra paperwork, the document says. “The UK does not require visiting motorists … to hold a separate IDP to guarantee the recognition of their driving licence.”

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