Labor will resume demands for MP to make a statement to parliament on her links to Chinese Communist party groups. All today’s events in Canberra, live

Anthony Albanese on the “big stick” legislation:

We haven’t seen it. It’s a good idea for public policy, to see legislation before you decide whether you’re for it or against it. But, I’ve got to say, the starting point is the title which is Orwellian. This is a government that doesn’t have a policy on climate change or energy, and has come up with a rather juvenile term, to be frank, of calling legislation “big stick” legislation. I mean we’re meant to be adults. And the problem for this government is that it doesn’t have the maturity as a political organisation to actually come together with a coherent policy.


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Of course that means we have acting prime minister Michael McCormack in our immediate futures.

Frogs beware.

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