Maybe the ancients saw a parallel between the stars and planets and the bluestones, writes Neil Hornsby

Prof Colin Richards fears that we may never know why the bluestones of Preseli warranted such reverence as to be transported from south-west Wales to Stonehenge (Report, 20 February). In fact the answer may well be staring us in the face. Stonehenge itself was clearly intended to connect with the heavens: the sun, the moon and perhaps particularly the stars. Maybe the ancients saw a parallel between the firmament and the bluestones? The bluestones comprise a range of igneous rocks, metamorphosed spotted dolerite being among the principal ones. This dolerite comprises a dark blue/green mass of small crystals in which are set larger, white and broadly round, but jagged-edged crystals of pyroxene – uncannily not dissimilar to stars, set in a fiery firmament. Heaven on Earth?
Neil Hornsby

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