There’s no shortage of guides out there telling you how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Whatever industry you’re interested in, you can find millions of written words, and thousands of hours of video, on the best way to make it in that field. Feel like creating your own start-up but unsure how? Don’t worry – there’s a limitless number of resources out there to explain the specifics for you.

One thing which is often overlooked, is that to become a successful entrepreneur, you don’t just need to know what it takes to make it in business, or in your particular field. You actually need to be a certain type of person, with a certain temperament, and a certain work capacity, in order to pull it off.

But who is offering guides on how to become the kind of person who can then become a successful entrepreneur? Sure, self-development coaches exist, but they don’t necessarily tend to focus on tips for developing yourself into the kind of person who might make it as entrepreneur.

So, since there seems to be a “gap in the market”, here are some thoughts on how the Internet can help to turn you into the kind of person who can then become a successful entrepreneur.

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By Allowing You To Pursue Higher Education Regardless Of Your Other Obligations

Once upon a time, pursuing an education required you to go to a certain building, in a certain part of town, at certain points during the week, in order to attend lectures and seminars, and hand in your assignments. All right, all right, so correspondence courses did exist. But they were pretty few and far between, and not always very accessible at that.

These days, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to get an associate degree online fast, using your own computer, and working only in those moments which are suitable to your particular schedule.

“Knowledge is power” is a saying we’re all familiar with. It should go without saying that when you want to make it as an entrepreneur, having professional qualifications, and in-depth knowledge of a particular industry, certainly can’t hurt.

Even aside from this, though, pursuing education will help to train certain skills, regardless of whether or not the degree you’re pursuing has any direct connection to the industry you’re planning to work in.

For example, studying for a degree requires focus, time management, planning, and patience. All of these skills are the kind of things that you will need if you want to make it as an entrepreneur.


By Giving You All The Tools You Could Ever Dream Of, For Organising Your Tasks And Time

An entrepreneur needs to be organised, and has to have a seriously good grasp of time management. If you’re the kind of person who habitually spends every waking hour looking for new ways to procrastinate, well, you’re going to need to put in some serious work to correcting that before you can expect to make it as a business tycoon.

The Internet features a suite of tools and resources that you can use for managing your time, holding yourself accountable, and staying on top of your various tasks and projects.

What’s more, many of the tools found online for these purposes, automatically reduce a lot of the irritation, confusion, and complexity that goes along with trying to manage productivity and task management systems the old-fashioned way.

If you want to follow David Allen’s famous “Getting Things Done” system, for example, using a dedicated tool such as Nozbe certainly makes the entire process a lot more streamlined and effortless than trying to apply the system using an old-fashioned Filofax.

If your time management skills are abysmal, what you really need to do is start developing positive time management habits, in order to set things right.

Using tools such as Toggl to track how long you’re spending on specific projects, and Rescue Time, to see which sites and applications you spend most of your time on, can help you to identify problem areas and implement positive habits bit by bit.


By Helping You To Free Up The Money Required To Invest In A Business

A successful entrepreneur needs to be, more or less, a master of money management. This is certainly true with any given business venture that the entrepreneur might engage in – but it all begins with good personal financial habits.

Budgeting isn’t necessarily easy in practice. Many of us have vague ideas of how we should be spending our money, and plan accordingly, only to see everything fall apart.

The web offers various solutions to this problem, including a suite of budgeting tools that will handle various calculations for us, and that result in a streamlined and adaptive experience. You Need A Budget is easily one of the premier tools for personal finance – and allows you to apply zero-based budgeting principles virtually effortlessly, in order to start freeing up money that you never knew you even had.

In addition to specific budgeting tools, the Internet also features many resources on the theory behind different budgeting approaches, as well as assorted tips on the best financial management strategies.


By Helping You To Identify Your Niche, And Refine Your Professional Vision

It’s not exactly a mystery that most people spend a whole lot of time surfing the web, looking for interesting things that might grab their attention.

Sometimes, this can clearly be pretty detrimental. If you spend hours a day mindlessly surfing Instagram, for no real reason, and with no real payoff, you’re short changing yourself out of a lot of life.

Consider, though, the fact that the Internet can also be used to help you identify your niche and refine your professional vision. Any entrepreneur who wants to have a hope of being successful, needs to have a clear professional vision in place. They need to know what it is they want to achieve, in what field, according to what standards, and in what time frame.


If you can use your web browsing time to help you to refine and answer these questions, you’re in a much better position to become a successful entrepreneur.

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