So, you have been dreaming of creating your blog since high school and have even started working on one while studying at college or university.

You want your blog to be useful and interesting. Blogs are usually created by those who want to share their knowledge or passion for something. Learning from the experience of others is a great way to find out a lot of new and useful information, as well as the avoid all typical mistakes. However, the main problem with writing for a blog is how to find and reach your target audience.

There are lots of aspects to take into account when you have just started writing for your blog. Yet, it is vital to have the comments section to be able to talk to your readers.


Answering to Blog Comments

The first thing to highlight in regards to the issue in question is that the manner in which you reply to comments should be understandable to a reader. Try to avoid using any terms or some specific words that may confuse them, especially when it is a new reader of your blog.

Your main aim is to make sure they stay with you and keep reading your blog posts. In case something is not clear, feel free to post a link to another post or article in which an issue in question is explained better. What is interesting to mention is that video blogging really comes in handy when you are trying to explain something complicated as you have the opportunity to show instead of telling.

Therefore, you should definitely consider including videos in your blog if you feel like it. It will help you reach a broader audience as well.


SEO-Friendly Comments

Speaking about the ways in which you can make the comment section on your blog more SEO friendly, here are a few ideas to take into account. When you reply to a comment, try to use keywords. Surely, you should do it in an organic way to be certain the whole comment still makes sense.

Even though Google understands what comments are and where they are located on your blog, responding to them helps you increase the number of returning visitors. What is more, those visitors will most likely share the link with their friends which will help you increase traffic as well.

In case a lot of questions are asked in the comments section and the subject is rather lengthy, the best way to handle such a situation is to create a separate post dealing with that subject. Do not forget to include the link to this new post in that comment section where the original question has been posted.


Type of Comments

There are several types of comments you will be dealing with on your blog. You need to know how to reply to each of them. When a reader provides positive feedback, you should always reply to such comments. A reader will see that their comment is appreciated while you will simply be pleased others have enjoyed reading your post.

Obviously, you will have to deal with negative feedback as well. In case someone writes a racist or aggressive comment, you should have zero tolerance for such comments and delete them right away. If someone either disagrees with you or expresses their negative experience with your product or service, be polite, find out what makes them angry or sad and do your best to remedy the situation.

There is nothing wrong with having a discussion in your comment section as long as both you and your readers respect each other.

You will also have a lot of spam comments. Unfortunately, it is inevitable. Typically, people write spam comments to get someone to click on a link included in their comments. This is a very average and rather unsuccessful advertising technique.

What you should do is make sure you have a spam filter. In case it does not work, you can either delete or block spam comments. The last type of comment you will be dealing with is off-topic comments. Even though such comments aren’t really that bad, they are not related to the subject in question which makes it harder to deal with them.

In addition to that, off-topic comments may have a negative impact on your SEO, especially when someone writes a lengthy comment about something completely unrelated. It will make it more difficult for a search engine to figure out what this page is about.

There are two options for you when it comes to dealing with off-topic comments: write a friendly reply in which you explain that you have noticed what a reader is saying but you have to delete it or delete it right away. Reaching out and talking to your reader before deleting their comments seems like a more reasonable thing to do.


Final Words

Nowadays, you are free to choose what you want to write about in your blog. If you have a topic in mind, and a strong desire to write, do not hesitate and create a blog right away. If not, think about the subjects you are either interested in or the areas where you have acquired a lot of experience in.

You can even start a blog explaining how to write a personal finance essay perfectly and within the shortest period of time. This way, you will have a platform to dwell upon the most significant aspects finance writers have to deal with on a daily basis. In addition to that, you will be able to familiarize your readers with different finance homework solutions.

All in all, creating a blog is a great idea, especially when you have both knowledge and experience in a certain field, as well as time and desire to talk about it in a series of blog posts. Perhaps, the best piece of advice in regards to blog writing is to take it seriously. Allocate a lot of time to mull over the topics you are going to cover.

Create a comment section and take the time to answer those comments. It will help you build a strong relationship with your readers who will be coming back to read more of your stories. As a result, you will manage to find your audience and share valuable knowledge with a group of people who have the same interests and values.

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