The former PM has called for Peter Dutton to be referred to the high court to have section 44 concerns settled. All the day’s events, live

You may have seen this from Gabrielle Chan already – late next month, Catherine Marriott will be speaking about sexual harassment at a rural and regional womens’ event.

From Gabi’s report:

Rural advocate Catherine Marriott, who lodged a complaint against the former National party leader Barnaby Joyce, will speak publicly against sexual harassment in an event organised by an influential rural network.

Marriott will share the stage with journalist and campaigner Tracey Spicer at #UsToo, in an event billed as “Lessons from the leaders in Australia’s crusade against sexual harassment” and organised by the Rural, Regional, Remote Women’s Network of Western Australian.


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Folks who follow the goings on in Canberra will know that last night was the midwinter (in early spring) ball that the press gallery puts on every year to raise big bucks for charity. Many readers will also know there is controversy about whether this event is on or off the record.

The organisers have decreed the ball is an off-the-record event. But I’ve long argued that an event where politicians give speeches in front of hundreds of people, most of whom are not bound by an off-the-record convention, cannot be off the record.

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