A delivery tossed through a first-floor window hit the headlines this week, but meanwhile many drivers’ acts of derring do are going unheralded

Delivery drivers get a bad rap. OK, yes, they leave packages in the strangest places: in bins, under parked cars, with “neighbours” who live several miles away. They throw them over fences into gardens or, in the case of one driver in Leicestershire this week, through an open upstairs window. But everyone knows that is because they are so short of time and so badly paid they have to take shortcuts. Blame the system, not the driver.

It may be time to start a campaign to laud put-upon delivery drivers, with awards for tales of derring-do. An early candidate is Asda driver Arthur Kennedy-Anielak, who went to the aid of an 84-year-old woman in Hyde, Greater Manchester. She had collapsed shortly before he arrived with her shopping and, even though she insisted she was OK, he stayed with her and encouraged her to call an ambulance. She later wrote to Asda to praise his caring attitude.

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