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Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, told reporters as he arrived at the EU summit this morning that he was not expecting a breakthrough on Brexit today. He said:

My best expectation is that today we will not come to new decisions, but it is an important meeting because it is a chance to discuss what might be the landing ground for a Brexit agreement towards October/November.

Dutch PM @markrutte talks to @SkyNews – how close is a brexit deal? Will the EU side compromise as @theresa_may is demanding? #salzburgsummit2018


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And David Henig, a former civil servant who helped set up the department for international trade and who now heads the UK Trade Policy Project, is also voice always worth listening to on Brexit. He posted this this morning.

Looks like Salzburg will not be the triumphant culmination of two months building support for Chequers among Member States that the Government seemed to expect (and nobody who analysed their plans did)

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