Women on maternity leave or in low-paid jobs to benefit under $400m proposal. Follow all the day’s events, live

In other news, the Peter Dutton Senate inquiry report is due today – we are expecting it around 5pm.


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Anne Aly was asked about the timing of Labor’s announcement when she stopped by doors* this morning:

Let me start by saying the Coalition doesn’t have a problem with women, the Coalition has a problem with men.

I think it comes at a time when we’re starting to talk about older people, older Australians, and it’s particularly a pertinent time to shine the spotlight on how women in particular fare worse off in their later years. Particularly because of the fact that they are behind in superannuation, 30% of older women are likely to live in poverty, and I think it’s time we really addressed this issue and addressed this inequality. It’s a very stark inequality. And we can start by making some measures to address that, and Labor has taken that on, we’ve recognised it, and we’ve started to do something about it.

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