The (expected) extra week before the election is called means Labor will double its efforts in estimates, while the government moves on the budget hard sell. All today’s events, live

Senate estimates are just about to get underway.

As has just been pointed out to me, this is technically a whole new set of estimates. So everything old is new again. Meaning everything that was asked last week, can again be asked this week. Which might get a little more attention than the hearings which were held late Friday afternoon, when everyone, including Labor and Coalition MPs were preparing for the election campaign to start.


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Tim Wilson is on Sky News, and boy, I thought I looked tired.

He’s talking about the Adani groundwater approval. Now that the election call has been delayed, Melissa Price has a few more days to consider the application, and possibly approve it before the election is called and the government goes into caretaker mode.

Labor has warned the government against making any major decisions on the Adani coalmine before the election, while Scott Morrison and his environment minister Melissa Price face internal pressure from some Queensland MPs to take action.

While playing down reports of a “split”, government MPs from Queensland, including James McGrath and Matt Canavan have kept up pressure inside Morrison’s office and the party room for key approvals for the Carmichael coalmine, including the ground water plan, to be signed off on as soon as possible.

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