I’m standing up with protesters to draw attention to this crisis – I can’t watch while fellow citizens die because of our filthy air

For more than 50 years I have loved living in London: but I am now more and more worried about the pollution. I’m worried about the pollution in the water, the pollution in the ground, and the pollution in the air from the busy arterial roads and airports. It’s affecting me and it will affect the crops on my allotment. I have a bike, but in order to go out on a bike now I have to wear a mask which, with my asthma, makes it difficult. When I was arrested last week for spraying “air pollution is criminal” on City Hall, the mayor of London’s office, I was singing “maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner” – I don’t believe Londoners should have to suffer these conditions any longer.

I am taking visible action, and risking time in prison, to pressure our politicians into acting now

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