With the Science Blog Network closing, Mark Carnall reflects on his contributions to the Guardian’s Lost Worlds Revisited

At the end of August, the Guardian Science Blog Network closes down. Taking a leaf from fellow Guardian science bloggers Jon Butterworth and Dean Burnett, consider this blog a wrap up of my short time writing with the Lost Worlds Revisited team. You know, like one of those filler episodes of sitcoms made up of clips from older episodes.

Alongside fellow Lost Worlders, Elsa Panciroli, Susannah Lydon and Hanneke Meijer I formally joined Dave Hone in February 2016, after answering a call for contributing writers and submitting an ‘audition piece’. Impressively, until then Dave had been single-handedly holding it down on Lost Worlds and one constant challenge throughout my time writing for the blog was to steer around topics Dave had already exhaustively covered.

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