The Guardian has been collaborating with the staff of the Eagle Eye, the school newspaper of Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida, where a massacre last month led to today’s marches.

On Friday, student editors took control of the Guardian’s website and published a series of articles, including their manifesto of demands, with a call to ban the sale of high velocity semi-automatic weapons, expand background checks, and raise the minimum purchase age of rifles to 21 high on the list.

@EagleEyeMSD is ready #MarchForOurLivesdc #MarchForOurLives

Live scenes from the #MarchForOurLivesDC – Hundreds arrive hours ahead the official start time at noon

Today would have been Nick Dworet’s 18th birthday. Today, we honor him and the other 16 who will never celebrate birthdays again. #MarchforOurLives

Today’s the day… #SignsForOurLives #MarchForOurLives

armed with pens, cameras, and ideas #MarchForOurLives

To be honest, I’m scared to march. This is a march against gun violence, and I am scared there will be gun violence during the march. This is just my mindset living in this country now, but this is why we need to march. #neveragain #MarchForOurLives


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Today in Washington DC and more than 830 places worldwide, people of all ages will come together to demand solutions to gun violence in America.

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