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Talking of Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Tory Brexiter, who chairs the European Research Group, has been engaged in more Twitter diplomacy this morning, warning the EU that Theresa May’s successor might not be bound by the assurances she gives EU leaders in Brussels tomorrow.

Parliament cannot bind its successors, the Prime Minister’s promises have not invariably proved reliable and there has been little sincerity from the EU.


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EU ministers have been attending a meeting of the EU’s general affairs council in Luxembourg this morning where Brexit has been on the agenda ahead of the summit tomorrow. Several of them stressed that any article 50 extension would come with conditions attached as they spoke to reporters on their way in.

Michael Roth, the German Europe minister, said the situation was “very, very frustrating”. He said the EU would consider Theresa May’s request for an extension lasting just until 30 June, but also perhaps for a “longer one, but this must also be subject to very strict criteria.”

We want to understand what the UK needs this extension for, and what are the political surroundings around Theresa May to have this extension.

And then comes the question of the conditions of what role we’d want the UK to play during this extension time.

No-deal in my view would be an an extraordinary failure of politics and we need to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

But of course there needs to be a real plan to go with a request for an extension – that’s credible – in order for that extension to be agreed over the next three days, and I think that’s likely to happen.

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