After marathon Brexit talks, EU leaders have offered delay, with Donald Tusk warning Britain: ‘Please do not waste this time’

The news broke too late to make it onto many of the front pages (though if you see that the news is on the front pages of late editions of other papers, please tweet me!).

The deadline did make it onto the late edition of the Guardian. Here’s our front page:

The Guardian front page, 11 April 2019: Europe listens to May and says no. Britain told leave by October 31st

Thursday’s front page:
As EU dictates Britain’s future
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Donald Tusk said that the Brexit extension was “as flexible as he expected but also shorter than he expected. This is due to French President Emmanuel Macron who took responsibility for blocking a long Brexit delay and convincing other European Union leaders to agree to a shorter one.

“It’s true that the majority was more in favour of a very long extension. But it was not logical in my view, and above all, it was neither good for us, nor for the UK,” he said.

Déclaration d’@EmmanuelMacron à l’issue du Conseil européen extraordinaire #Brexit #EUCO #art50

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