The south-east London suburb of Eltham has struggled to shake off a reputation for racism

Life continues near the unobtrusive granite plaque which marks the spot where Stephen Lawrence died, 25 years ago on Sunday. A woman pushes a pram, cars and buses rumble along, people wait at a bus stop perhaps unaware that this is the place where the aspiring architect was set upon by a gang of racists and stabbed to death.

The murder of the 18-year-old on Well Hall Road in Eltham, south-east London, left an indelible mark on British society, forcing the country to face up to endemic racism which resulted in two men being convicted for his murder but only 18 years later and after a change in the law. But now, a quarter of a century after Stephen was killed, those who have watched the repercussions unfold warn that lessons hard learned are in danger of being lost.

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