PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC; 4A Games/Deep Silver
The latest in the survivalist shooter game series takes you out of Moscow on a touching, tragic and engaging journey

Based on the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro games have strived to define themselves by offering a more believable nuclear apocalypse, where you’re as likely to be killed by a crack in your gas mask or a pocket of radiation as you are by a gun-toting bandit or a terrifying mutant. Up to this point, that attention to detail has been mostly confined to the dark tunnels of the Moscow subway system, only fleetingly braving the irradiated and highly dangerous surface above.

With Metro Exodus, 4A Games expands the scope significantly, taking the player out of Moscow on a grand and perilous journey east. The result is a breathtaking and personal tale about the interplay between faith and survival.

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