Jerry Nadler, judiciary committee chairman, says entire report on Trump-Russia investigation is necessary to make ‘informed decisions’

Close parsing of the Mueller report continues to raise questions about Attorney General Barr’s summary of the report released last month. Barr has been accused of rendering a partisan reading of the report to protect president Trump, and contradictions like these won’t help to ease any of those critiques.

This is remarkable. Left: Mueller (Vol. 2, p157) forcefully says it is no excuse to say obstruction had no underlying crime or was done in public view. Right: Barr’s Mar 24 summary letter, implying that Mueller said the opposite.


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Former FBI director James Comey is in the woods being dramatic again, tweeting “So many answers”, accompanied by a picture of forest ground. It was an apparent nod to the release of the full (redacted) Mueller report.

So many answers.

So many questions.

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