Being beautiful mainly seems a blessing. But it can be a curse – and the main problem is that you are just not allowed to complain about it

It’s tough being beautiful. Other women, women who are not so genetically blessed, despise you, you see. They worry you will steal their husband. They get together with their average-looking friends and say nasty things behind your inordinately elegant back. They think that, just because you have flawless skin, you don’t have feelings. But you do have feelings: tragically, the world can’t look past your cut-glass cheekbones and understand that.

If you have ever wondered What It’s Like to Go Through Life As a Really Beautiful Woman, this is about the sum of it, apparently. At least, according to an article published last week on New York Magazine’s lifestyle website, the Cut. In it, an anonymous woman in her late 50s explains that being attractive opened a lot of doors for her in life, but also made women hate her. I’m fairly sure the beautiful-but-damned subject of the article wasn’t Samantha Brick, but it is very much reminiscent of her infamous 2012 magnum opus in the Daily Mail, There are Downsides to Looking This Pretty: Why Women Hate Me for Being Beautiful. And, like Brick’s much-laughed-at lament, it was immediately and mercilessly mocked on social media.

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