House speaker predicted Republicans will not be willing to have go along with shutdown while funding bill is set to expire 15 February

A scandal centered on the use of blackface is rocking Virginia politics, but a new poll finds that not everyone has a problem with white people wearing blackface.

In the YouGov poll, a clear majority – 58% – did say it was unacceptable for a white person to wear blackface makeup. But that leaves 16% who said it was acceptable, and 26% who aren’t sure. 73% of black respondents said it was unacceptable, compared to 57% of whites. There was a clear party divide as well, with 81% of Democrats calling blackface unacceptable, while only 44% of Republicans did.


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Donald Trump claimed in his tweet storm earlier today that the Republican-controlled Congress never investigated President Barack Obama. This is not true. Congress conducted a lengthy probe of the Benghazi attacks, in addition to investigations into allegations of political bias at the IRS and other matters.

Read the Washington Post’s fact check here.

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