The Greens and Labor plan to move a no confidence motion against the minister. All the day’s events, live

But there is no indication that anyone from the Coalition will cross the floor against Peter Dutton for the motion, despite Tony Burke’s declaration that “they should. Effectively Peter Dutton is asking them to show more loyalty to him than he showed to them.”

Scott Morrison says it is just a distraction tactic. Here he is speaking to the Nine network:

Labors and Greens passed a motion that they don’t like Peter Dutton any more. The Labor Party and the Greens are just using their numbers to try and play politics. I won’t get distracted by it. It is politics in Canberra.People see through it.

Of course I do [have confidence in Dutton] The Labor Party is going on about stopping the au pairs. We are about stopping boats, bikies and criminal gangs. If the Labor Party thinks that the worst thing that an au pair will come and read a bedtime story that tells you what they think of national security.


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Anthony Albanese also had a few things to say about Peter Dutton this morning – and made sure to drop by doors so he could:

It’s very clear that Peter Dutton’s position as a minister in this ATM government – Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison – should be at an end and it should be at an end today. He should do the right thing and resign as a minister, as the provisions of Westminster mean that he must.

There is nothing more important than being honest as a minister before the parliament. That’s an essential component. It’s not optional.

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