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Mike Russell, the Scottish Brexit minister, has accused the data firm Cambridge Analytica of lying after the company disputed Scottish National party claims their contacts were restricted to a single meeting.

In a statement issued on Tuesday afternoon, Cambridge Analytica bolstered claims by its former executive Brittany Kaiser to the Commons culture committee last week of numerous contacts between it and the SNP in February 2016 – claims the SNP has continued to deny.

The situation with the SNP is entirely clear and I repeat it. A meeting was set up in London, one person attended on the SNP’s behalf and attempts by the company to follow up the meeting weren’t reciprocated.

The SNP has never worked with Cambridge Analytica, used any of its services or paid them a penny. And why? Because they are cowboys and clearly we now know they are lying cowboys.


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This is what political commentators and journalists are saying about PMQs.

Views as to whether Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn won are pretty mixed, but there does seem to be general consensus that the best Windrush question was Yvette Cooper’s.

My snap verdict on #PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn fails to press home advantage as Theresa May flails on Windrush

Felt like a win for JC today: his tone of righteous anger feels entirely appropriate for the Windrush scandal; and May struggled to justify her claim that the public want her to be tough on migrants – just not *these* migrants.

Blistering question from Yvette Cooper, whom PM quoted as supporting an immigration crackdown. “Do not hide behind me…do not hide behind ministers…do not hide behind civil servants,” when net migration target is to blame.

PMQs review by @Anoosh_C: Corbyn put May in the uncomfortable position of both apologising for and defending her attitude towards migrants

Corbyn seems unable to differentiate between British citizens and illegal immigrants. After last week’s belter, back to shouty, scripted and wasted PMQs.

I thought Theresa May seemed extraordinarily tone deaf over Windrush at #PMQs. Talked about the scandal throughout as if it was some unfortunate act of God, entirely unconnected with specific immigration policies. She really doesn’t sound like she gets it.

PMQs: May fails again to get a grip on the Windrush crisis

COMMENT the Maybot was match for JC’s onslaught, though JC’s clips will play well.

PMQs unedifying as ever. Corbyn-May exchange amounted to him saying “you hate immigrants” and her saying “only illegal ones” over and over. He got a slight cheer for saying Rudd should resign but otherwise a waste of time. Cooper v Rudd at 2.15 should be better

A very angry Yvette Cooper gives May the proper kicking that Corbyn failed to deliver. “Do not try to hide behind others when she set the culture in home office that led to this.” It would have been even better if Labour backbenchers had been quiet as she said it

This #pmqs is a real low point for these two leaders. Arguing across each other. Corbyn’s bowling all over the place, May just swinging her bat about. Pointless. Awful.

I actually think May came out of that ahead of Corbyn. #pmqs

Classic example of May v Corbyn at #PMQs being a dialogue of the deaf

Not sure May tactic of quoting ex-Labour ministers and shadow ministers backing immigration crackdowns really works. Corbyn consistency opposed them, and his supporters know that

Sign of how bad PMQs has been that some appear unsure if Corbyn demanded the PM or Amber Rudd resign

Yvette Cooper (quoted by the PM earlier) swoops in with fire and fury, telling May to stop blaming civil servants, her Cabinet, and the Labour Party. Roars in the chamber as May attempts the utmost calm to reply: “Nobody is trying to blame anybody”. #PMQs

Cooper’s question just put Corbyn’s performance in perspective

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