Thousands demonstrate across the US against family separations carried out by the Trump administration

At the end of the day, on the east coast at least, we are closing this blog. Here’s a summary of the key events in a hot day of protests against Donald Trump and his hardline immigration policy.


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We’ll be wrapping up our blog soon, so here are Associated Press reports from events thousands of miles away from the big rallies in Washington and New York:

Thousands of protesters gathered in downtown Los Angeles were addressed by, among others, singer John Legend, congresswoman Maxine Waters (who called for Trump to be impeached) and Senator Kamala Harris. Attendee Robin Jackson noted the “absolute cruelty” of the administration and said she was heartbroken when her parents worked second shifts at night and could not imagine what it would be like for migrant children not to know when their parents were coming back.

Another large crowd gathered in San Francisco, where drums beat and horns played as marchers held flags and signs, some saying “Deport Trump” and “I Really Care, Do You?” Barry Hooper said he attended the protest with his wife and two daughters in order to “let the president know that this is not acceptable”. His seven-year-old daughter, Liliana, clutched a sign she made saying: “Stop the separation”. Marchers arrived at City Hall shortly before noon. Across the bay, hundreds of protesters turned up at a similar rally in Berkeley. Police in both cities said the rallies appeared peaceful and reported no arrests.

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