The leader of the Scottish Conservatives on why she needed to speak out about her depression – and how she deals with Boris Johnson types in the party

That Ruth Davidson does not want to be prime minister ought not to make headlines, she says. “I have been asked it so many times and said it in so many ways, this isn’t actually new,” insists the Scottish Conservatives’ leader, who has been regarded with increasingly breathless fervour as a silver bullet to quell party disunity, renew Tory support across the UK and perhaps even solve Brexit, ever since David Cameron tipped her as a possible successor in 2013.

But she cannot be unaware that context is all. The first openly lesbian party leader anywhere in the UK, Davidson, 39, is less than five weeks away from giving birth to her first child, conceived with her partner, Jen, following IVF treatment. A state-educated woman with a working-class background in a party overwhelmingly controlled by privately schooled men, she has delivered previously unthinkable electoral success for the Scottish Tories at both Holyrood and Westminster.

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