Readers respond to Jonathan Freedland’s call for a positive message to make the case against Britain leaving the EU and other articles on Brexit

It was so heartening to read Jonathan Freedland’s vigorous call for a proactive coordinated campaign to persuade the public that Brexit has to be stopped (We can’t wait for a people’s vote to make the case against Brexit, 9 February).

His logic is impeccable: the Labour demands for alignment with the single market, maintenance of workers’ rights and direct influence on future EU trade deals are already secured by virtue of our EU membership. In my view, there is also a transcending factor. We have all benefited from being European citizens, socially, economically and politically. This concept of citizenship has directly secured the peace process in the island of Ireland. In total good faith after the British-Irish agreement of 1998, the Republic of Ireland removed its constitutional claim to the “six counties”. In Northern Ireland, we have struggled to maintain a power-sharing assembly with a commitment to keep channels open as good neighbours with the south and as members of the EU. It is not surprising that 56% of the Northern Irish voted in the referendum to remain in the EU.

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