Ruth wants to replace her old desktop PC and is trying to decide between one with an SSD and one with an Optane accelerator

I’m looking to replace my eight-year-old desktop PC. Other things being equal, should I go for an AMD processor with a 128GB SSD or an Intel PC with 8GB of memory, a 1TB HDD and Optane? A comparison of processor performance shows very little difference, and the two options have very similar prices.

I typically run a browser with multiple tabs, Acrobat Reader with large pdf files, one or more of the Microsoft Office suite, plus the proprietary software for my business. I don’t do high-end graphics processing or gaming, but would your advice be different if I did? Ruth

The difference between the two PCs boils down to how much storage you need and the performance of the Optane accelerator in the Intel-based machine.

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