Polls suggest ruling party short of majority but rightwing Vox set for national breakthrough

Spain’s ruling socialists appear to have won the most votes but fallen short of a majority in a snap general election likely to be marked by the national breakthrough of the far-right Vox party.

A poll for the state-owned broadcaster, RTVE, published after voting finished gave Pedro Sánchez’s Socialist Workers’ party (PSOE) 116 to 121 seats, followed by the conservative People’s party (PP) with 69 to 73, the centre-right Citizens party with 48 to 49, the leftwing, anti-austerity coalition Unidas Podemos with 42 to 45, and Vox with 36 to 38. Another poll, for the conservative Spanish newspaper ABC, gave the PSOE 134 to 139 seats, the PP 81 to 86, Citizens 42 to 44, Unidas Podemos 27, and Vox 30 to 32.

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