• Pedro Sánchez seeks mandate for reforms after years of political instability
  • Far-right party Vox could enter parliament for first time
  • Polls close at 8pm local time (7pm BST)

Come 7pm London time, all eyes will be on the exit poll figures for the anti-feminist, anti-immigration, anti-Catalan independence Vox party. They are expected to get around 10% of the vote. That share might be enough to form a right-wing coalition government with the conservative People’s party and the centre-right Citizens party.

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There’s been a big surge in voter turnout across Spain. More than 21 million Spaniards have voted as of 6pm local time, according to the country’s interior ministry. That’s 3.3 million more than the same stage in 2016, when the turnout was 51.21%.

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