The detention of a Spanish film actor over a blasphemy case is denounced by a group of humanist writers and performers, including Sandi Toksvig, Sara Pascoe, David Baddiel and Eddie Marsan

As actors, writers, comedians, and musicians, as well as patrons of Humanists UK, we were appalled to read in your pages about the detention of our colleague, the Spanish film actor Willy Toledo, in relation to the ongoing trial of three women accused of blasphemy in Spain (Spanish actor detained after ridiculing ‘God and the Virgin Mary’, 12 September).

Spain is one of several western European countries that continue to proscribe blasphemy in law – an unconscionable violation of the right to freedom of thought, belief and expression. As entertainers and as humanists, we cherish free expression and wish to see the prime minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, take urgent action to repeal his country’s blasphemy laws.

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