Abrams, who narrowly lost her run for the Georgia governorship last year, said Senate not ‘the best role for me in this battle for our nation’s future’

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As Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer meet with Donald Trump, 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders is speaking at the People’s Action Convention this morning:

Sen. ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ takes the stage at the People’s Action Conference. He tells the group that defeating Donald Trump should be their top priority- but they must also understand the causes of Trump’s rise. pic.twitter.com/6TLWycTo97


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In a reply to a question from reporters about impeachment, Representative Hakeem Jeffries from Brooklyn emphasizes that in a meeting this morning Democrats did not, N-O-T, not discuss impeaching Donald Trump:

“We discussed infrastructure,” Jeffries said. “We discussed prescription drugs. We discussed our response to the climate crisis. Not a moment of an hour meeting, the largest gathering of House Democrats in Washington DC after a two-week recess, was spent on impeachment.”:

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: “Not a moment” of Democratic caucus meeting today “was spent on impeachment.” https://t.co/CFdzczE0fE pic.twitter.com/g36rGiQc9D

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