We are eleven days away from another potential government shutdown and three days into the political crisis in Virginia

The Republican Speaker of the Virginia House, Kirk Cox, has no plans to force Ralph Northam from office.

Cox told reporters this morning “I think there’s a rightful hesitation about removal from office, because obviously you have to consider that to some degree you’re overturning an election.

Cox noted that General Assembly Republicans were among the “last” people to call for Northam to resign. The speaker said he continues to believe Northam has lost the ability to govern “regardless of the veracity of the photograph.” Cox said he’s not convinced the yearbook scandal meets the constitutional threshold for impeachment proceedings.


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A second top Democratic candidate has thrown his hat into the ring to challenge incumbent Republican Senator Cory Gardner in 2020.

Andrew Romanoff, a former Speaker of the State House, who mounted an unsuccessful campaigns for U.S. Senate in 2010 and for Congress in 2014, is poised to announce a campaign.

Andrew Romanoff set to challenge Cory Gardner for US Senate | https://t.co/reqO62R4fJ https://t.co/L2RI8RJAZg

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