Follow the latest in Sweden’s general election, where anti-immigration populist Sweden Democrats are expected to make big gains

The anti-immigration, populist Sweden Democrats have come up a lot in conversations with voters in and around Gothenburg, according to journalist Zina Fragkiadaki.

Voter Kent Nilson had plenty to say about them.

“I voted ealier today. It was not a hard decision. I voted for the left party #Vänsterpartiet, I have voted for the left party for 30 years, I do not like the #SwedishDemocrats, because of their Nazi backround.” Kent Nilson, 60 years old, living in #Bergsjön, working in Volvo

“I voted Social Democrats. Swedish Democrats are terrible! They are like Trump! Things will be worse if they come into power. They have stereotypes about Muslims and I’m a Muslim myself! Media is blaming everything on us..” Bellma Lokacevice, 50 years old, hairdresser from Hovås

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Students from the journalism programme at the University of Gothenburg have also been speaking to voters for the Guardian.

Renyu Jin spoke to Febe Jacobsson, 64, a staff member at Gothenburg Concert Hall, who said the environment was a big concern for her.


p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>“I think this year’s election is very scary. The environment is the most important, I am scared of the #SwedenDemocrats because their policy is not good for the environment. Can you live in this world without thinking about what comes next? We have kids and grandkids.

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