People of good heart have a choice. We can stick to old interventions or write a new chapter in dissent and defiance

Trying to find your way to clarity through the fog of horror that surrounds the Syrian civil war, you could do worse than start with MSNBC television host Chris Hayes, who took to Twitter in the wake of the US airstrikes on Damascus: “They lie about everything all the time. Everything. Every single thing, big and small. All of it. Constantly.”

He doesn’t distinguish who he means by “they”, but it hardly matters. US cruise missiles arc across a Middle Eastern capital in order to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction by an entrenched dictatorship. But this isn’t 2003. Massive anti-war demonstrations are now just a memory. The clarity of purpose with which millions marched against President George W Bush’s illegal assault on Iraq has been splintered and numbed; first through our failure to prevent the invasion, and then by 15 long years in which war has mutated and spread, each new intervention spawning the next. This time, they’re taking no chances, giving the anti-war movement only the option of response post-fact.

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