Did you solve it? The Zorro puzzle

The solution to today’s teaser In my puzzle column earlier today I set you these problems about slicing through a square grid: 1) What is the least number of straight lines you need to draw across a 3×3 square grid Read More

Pushy bonobo mothers help sons find sexual partners, scientists find

High-ranking mothers lead sons to groups of females and keep guard while they mate Their mothers are so keen for them to father children that they usher them in front of promising partners, shield them from violent competitors and dash Read More

Can you solve it? The Zorro puzzle

Swordplay with lines and squares Today you’re going to get the chance to prove a theorem no one has ever proved before. Continue reading… Read More Can you solve it? The Zorro puzzle

Starwatch: a meeting between the moon and Jupiter

There will be two celestial encounters to savour this week Whereas our first lunar conjunction of the month (with Mars two weeks ago) took place when the moon was very young, this pairing with Jupiter takes place when the moon Read More

Hi-tech gardens bloom at London’s Chelsea Flower Show

3D printed soil, urban farming and artificial intelligence will all make an appearance at this year’s event Weed is not a word often associated with the immaculate gardens of the Chelsea flower show. But with hydroponics and urban farming making Read More