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Block on GM rice ‘has cost millions of lives and led to child blindness’

Eco groups and global treaty blamed for delay in supply of vitamin-A enriched Golden RiceStifling international regulations have been blamed for delaying the approval of a food that could have helped save millions of lives this century. The claim is Read More

How being bullied at school shaped my career choice

Gestures, facial expressions, posture – they are all crucial to what we’re communicating, though many of us don’t realise it My interest in human behaviour and psychology started in primary school. In my attempts to socialise with other children, I Read More

Need a flying taxi? These two firms can get a cab to you 'by 2022'

Air travel is set to be transformed sooner than you think as firms unveil vertical takeoff electric prototypes While conventional airlines struggle for more environmentally friendly alternatives to jet fuel, a host of startups are betting on zero-emission flight using Read More