Two quarks for Muster Higgs

Since the big discovery of 2012, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN has been accumulating data and making steady progress. Two recent results establish the origins of the mass of the two heaviest quarks Every atom has a nucleus at Read More

Starwatch: red marvel that is a lunar eclipse

Most of the world has a chance to see the moon change colour at the end of the week A total lunar eclipse will be visible over most of Europe, Asia, Australia and South America on 27 July. Only North Read More

Longest lunar eclipse of century to give UK a rare celestial thrill

Spectacular blood moon will be visible from Friday night until next morning Britain will witness a spectacular and rare celestial spectacle this week. At dusk on Friday, the full moon will rise and reveal itself coloured a deep red. The Read More

Parker Solar Probe: set the controls for the edge of the sun…

Nasa’s new probe is designed to enter our star’s corona, investigating solar weather and answering the questions we have yet to ask Some time during the early hours of 4 August, the Flordian night will be temporarily banished. One of Read More

I was taunted for having two mums in the 1980s

It was a dangerous time, but my lesbian parents paved the way Jeers of “Lara the Lezzie” accompanied me as I walked down the hallway. A girl at school had outed my family to the entire class. It wasn’t easy Read More