Don’t be a juggins – why some words deserve to fall out of use | Sam Leith

We shouldn’t worry when a word falls into obscurity. There’s usually a good reason, and a new one will always fill its place Conservationists are all around us, forever appearing on our televisions with their pleas for this noble, endangered Read More

Green energy subsidies fuel rise of Northern Ireland mega-farms

Huge expansion of agri-food industry is harming environment, say investigators Green energy subsidies are fuelling the rise of poultry mega-farms across Northern Ireland, with owners accused of contaminating sensitive habitats with emissions from chicken faeces. An alliance of agri-food companies Read More

The UK's strength in science is because of the EU – not in spite of it | Anthony Forster

Maintaining a close relationship with the remaining EU countries is crucial to the continued success of UK universities Brexit negotiations may be in turmoil, but UK universities need the government to encourage even stronger links with the remaining 27 member Read More

Treating cancer: what role could our diet play? – Science Weekly podcast

Food is an essential part of everyone’s life but how does what we eat affect our health? Could we eat to treat our illnesses? Top oncologists from around the world are beginning to study the role of diet in cancer Read More

Spacewatch: landing site for ExoMars mission chosen

European-Russian mission’s rover will land on Mars in 2021 at Oxia Planum, north of equator A preferred landing site for the European-Russian 2020 ExoMars mission has been chosen. Known as Oxia Planum, the landing site is just north of Mars’ Read More