Singer who, in a duo with his wife Pearl Carr, represented the UK in the 1959 Eurovision song contest with Sing, Little Birdie

The British entry has finished second in the Eurovision song contest 15 times. The first of these was in 1959 when Sing, Little Birdie was performed by the husband-and-wife duo Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson. In addition to his singing career as a soloist and with his wife, Johnson, who has died aged 98, was a well-known radio personality on Radio Luxembourg and the BBC, and an occasional actor.

The Eurovision song contest had begun in 1956 but the UK, through the BBC, did not enter the competition until the following year when Patricia Bredin came sixth with All. The BBC withdrew to lick its wounds in 1958 but re-entered in 1959. Johnson and Carr were invited to take part in the preliminary contest to choose the British entry. Johnson told an interviewer that “there was one song that nobody wanted. It was called Sing, Little Birdie and as soon as it was played, Pearl and I looked at each other and agreed to do it”.

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