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“I’m looking for the wombat in the altarpiece now,” says Heather Dalton, the historian who found a cockatoo in a 16th-century Italian altarpiece created long before Captain Cook washed up in Australia (Report, 27 June). She might enjoy the 17th-century painting of the Last Supper in Cuzco Cathedral in Peru, which shows a festive spread of wine, bread, fruit and, at the very centre of the painting, a roast guinea pig.
Professor Rebecca Earle
University of Warwick

• I have seen a few white butterflies but nothing more colourful (Letters, 28 June). But where are all the ladybirds? So far this year I have seen two larvae and one pupa – both, I think, of the dreaded harlequin – but no adults. I hope they come soon, as I have laid on a special feast for them of many large succulent blackfly.
Tim Gossling

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