Readers raise concerns over Labour’s position on a second referendum, the plight of UK citizens in the rest of the EU, the antics of Leave.EU and comparisons of a no-deal Brexit with the millennium bug

Keir Starmer’s assurance that Labour accepts that a Europe referendum would be “on the table” if parliament rejects any deal (or non-deal) negotiated by the government (Report, 24 August) is doubly welcome. It brings the party leadership far closer to the large and growing majority of Labour members and voters who take this view. And it offers the best hope yet that the madness of Brexit can still be averted. It remains for the party conference to confirm this major shift in the party’s position.
Dick Leonard
Labour MP for Romford 1970-74

• Next time you refer to “UK citizens in the EU”, please don’t put us in brackets as you did in your otherwise excellent editorial on a no-deal Brexit (24 August) – as if our EU-based livelihoods somehow matter less than those of EU citizens in the UK. I’m one of the 1.8 million British citizens living in mainland Europe; no deal will have a devastating impact on us. And it is our government, not our EU hosts, that will be stripping us of our right to continue living and working here.

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