When you are business-minded, your main goal may be to make money.  Some will tell you that that’s a somewhat disrespectful goal, but we all know that business is about how much money you can make for the product/service you provide.  

Let your research guide you to the most lucrative of industries when you consider where to begin building your legacy, and start the journey now.  Here is a quick look at some of today’s most lucrative industries.  


Oil and gas extraction

You may not believe it, but the oil and gas industry is extremely healthy right now.  There is a stigma that energy efficiency and the reduction of one’s carbon footprint is the new standard, but the numbers don’t tell the same story.  

The average net profit margin in oil and gas extraction is 16.4 percent, and it’s been on a recent rise.  If you’re looking to make the big bucks, investing in oil and gas extraction products would be a smart move.  


Accounting and other financial services

The last couple years in the accounting and financial services industry have been explosive in the best way possible.  The demand for lower overhead services has placed accountants in a position to stuff their pockets.  

In just a matter of a year, the average profit margin in the industry rose from 16.3 to 19.8 percent.  You won’t lose money working as the person who manages the money.  


Legal services

Holding steady at a reliable 17.8 percent net profit margin, legal services will always be a place to find extra cash.  If you’re on the right side of the transaction, you stand to make quite a bit of money along the way.  

It’s important to consider what it takes to get to the position of legal professional too.  You better make some good money in the industry, because it takes a pretty penny to go through law school.  


Doctors and dentists are still on top

Doctors and dentists will always be in an industry that is profitable for their pockets.  People will always need medical specialties, and our teeth will always need a good cleaning here and there.  Job security and a good income make for a happy professional.  

The net profit margin of the dental industry sits at 14.9 percent, and doctors work with a net profit margin of just over 14 percent.  Either way, the two industries mean financial progress will be made.  


Micro Mobility is on the rise

When thousands of electric scooters were disbursed in large cities all around the country, people took the bait. 

Millions have been made from the development of micro mobility options in urban environments, and the industry shows no signs of slowing.  


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