A House resolution and a vote on arms sales in the Senate could affect US backing for the Saudi-led coalition

The civil war in Yemen is one of those obscure conflicts that feels as though it has been going on for ever. In the space of little more than three years, the conflict has become what the UN and aid agencies agree is the world’s worst man-made humanitarian disaster, with 16,700 civilians killed or wounded, 8.4 million people facing famine, a nation torn apart and an economy destroyed.

The killing of children, hit by missiles and shells smashing into their homes and schools or stricken by disease and malnutrition, has come to symbolise Yemen’s war. The UN’s latest Children and Armed Conflict report found that 1,316 children were killed or maimed in 2017. Just over half died in air attacks by the western-backed, pro-government coalition, and many others at the hands of Houthi rebels.

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